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Mini Themed Worry People - Box of 120

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Introducing Mini Themed Worry Dolls: Tiny Troubleshooters for Life's Big Worries.  Stressed about your next student loan payment? Can't find the TV remote again? Or maybe your phone battery is on its last legs? Fear not! Our themed worry dolls are here to tackle your troubles, one worry at a time with Mayan magic. With 14 different themes to choose from, there's a worry doll for every situation life throws your way. Grab an assortment of Themed Worry Dolls, perfect for any storefront, desk, or event!

  • Sold as Box of 120 assorted dolls
  • 14 different dolls in assortment
    • Ease Your Earth Worries: Share your environmental concerns with our worry dolls and find solace in proactive actions toward positive change.

      Family Worries: Whether it's a disagreement or a distant relative causing concern, let our dolls symbolize unity and empathy in familial challenges.

      Last $5 in the Bank Worries: Tight on cash? Share your financial worries with our worry dolls and find comfort in brainstorming practical solutions. (Maybe a doll holding a tiny coin purse and shrugging as if to say, "I'm in the same boat!")

      Lost TV Remote Worries: Misplaced your remote again? Let our worry dolls remind you to stay patient as you search, offering a silent presence of calm.

      Love Worries: From heartache to butterflies, our dolls serve as silent companions, offering a sense of comfort and solidarity in matters of the heart.

      Low Phone Battery Worries: Running out of juice? Share your frustrations with our worry dolls, finding reassurance in their silent companionship.

      Marriage Worries: Feeling the strain? Confide in our worry dolls to represent the enduring strength and resilience of your partnership. (Leave us a note telling us if you want a Bride or a Groom - otherwise we'll surprise you!)

      Natural Disaster Worries: Share your concerns about natural disasters with our worry dolls, finding quiet reassurance in preparedness and resilience.

      Presidential Election Worries: Feeling the political heat? Let our worry dolls symbolize hope and unity as you navigate through uncertain times.

      Pet Worries: From vet visits to behavioral quirks, confide in our worry dolls to symbolize the unconditional love and support of your furry friends.

      Relationship Worries: Whether it's a budding romance or a long-term partnership, our dolls serve as silent witnesses to your journey, offering a sense of solidarity.

      Student Loan Worries: Feeling overwhelmed by debt? Share your concerns with our worry dolls to reaffirm your determination and resilience.

      Stress Worries: Feeling overwhelmed? Our worry dolls offer a silent reminder to take a moment for yourself and breathe.

      Teenager Worries: Parenting a teen can be challenging. Let our worry dolls represent understanding and empathy as you navigate this phase of life.

  • Card measures 1.5" x 1"
  • Doll measures 0.75"
  • 100% Cotton Fabric
  • 100% Nylon Doll Face
  • Wooden Accents
  • Assorted Designs & Colors
  • Includes card with themed worries

According to Guatemalan tradition, children tell their worries to the worry dolls and then place them under their pillow when they go to bed at night. The worry dolls shoulder the responsibility of the problem, freeing the worrier and allowing them to sleep peacefully. Come morning, the dolls have gifted the worrier the knowledge and wisdom to eliminate their worries.

Warning: CHOKING HAZARD – Small Parts. Not for Children Under 3 years.

Why Your Purchase Matters

Your purchase directly supports marginalized artisans in Guatemala. Most, who are women, live in high crime urban areas.  Proceeds from all sales directly support the funding of UPAVIM's community K-6 School.  We are a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation.